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Welcome to Bytomic Tae Kwon Do – a new and modern approach to martial arts, self-defence and fitness.

We pride ourselves in having a continually growing network of professionally run, successful, safe and popular classes catering for all ages (5-65) from all walks of life. Whatever your goals may be for yourself or your family, whether they be fitness or health orientated, whether you are safety-conscious, or simply if you wish to find a hobby you can take part in to help you relieve stress, our classes will be able to cater for you. If you are interested in finding out how Bytomic Tae Kwon do can help you as a man, woman, child or family please click on the Teaching Page.

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What our students have to say:

One of our long-standing students, Andrew Hartshorn 4th Dan from our Oxford Academy, recently emigrated to the USA and had the following to say after trying to find somewhere to train out there:

"The last few months have further confirmed what a fantastic job you have done with Bytomic and how well it is taught. When I have visited other Tae Kwon Do clubs its been very evident that Bytomic teaches Tae Kwon Do to a really high standard. It's also evident, from what I've seen in both the Tae Kwon Do clubs I've visited, and the mixed martial arts club I've joined, what a great job you've done of incorporating aspects of other martial arts and teaching a really comprehensive style. I've found myself really wishing there was a Bytomic club here!"

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